Lack of Visibility is Deadly

Statistics matter when discussing the issues faced by various groups in this country. These statistics reflect the severity of various inequalities or the progress being made to combat those inequalities. The statistics can affect the funding for social programs, medical programs, and allocation of resources for vulnerable groups in need of help. There is no … Continue reading Lack of Visibility is Deadly

Southern Strategy

Fox News is part of a larger strategy that began back in the days of Nixon to create a propaganda machine that would feed into the racism and biases deeply ingrained into the southern states of the United States following desegregation. The entire Republican Party has set up its messaging to work with what is … Continue reading Southern Strategy

Going To College

I’m not young. I am rather proud of the fact I’ve survived on this spinning rock as long as I have but there are still many things I want to see, do, and accomplish. One of those things is to go to college. I put this dream off for many ‘reasons’ but the truth was … Continue reading Going To College

Words Have Power

Words, either spoken or written, are powerful things. We use them to share who we are, who we want to be, and who we were. They tell us our history and help us express our dreams for a brighter future. They can uplift someone or rip them to bloody shreds to leave scars which may … Continue reading Words Have Power

Your Vote Matters!

I am ashamed to admit a good part of my adult life was spent believing that my vote didn’t matter so why bother with it. I felt that nothing I did would change my world. I am not entirely sure what woke me up but something did. I realized by not voting I was allowing … Continue reading Your Vote Matters!

Rick Santorum

Dear Mr. Santorum, Do you mind if I call you Rick? I don’t really care if you mind or not since you have utterly proven to me that you lack even a fragment of respect from me as a human being. You see, I am one of those people who ‘hardly exist’ in American Culture. … Continue reading Rick Santorum

Today Was A Good Day

My birth family and I do not get along but I have a wonderful family anyway. I have the family comprised of my husband, our children both by blood, fostered, and adopted. My family consists of my In-Laws, and friends who have been there for so many years they are surely family to me though … Continue reading Today Was A Good Day


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